1. Sign in to Biztera.
    Sign in with your username/email and password on Biztera.
  2. Navigate to an organization for which you are an admin.
    • Click the organizations drop-down on the top-right corner of the screen:
    • When it's open, click on the organization you want to integrate with.
    • Once on the organization page, click the tab labeled Integrations. If the tab is not there, it probably means that you are not an admin for the organization.
  3. Click for Slack.
    • If you want to create, approve and deny requests directly from Slack, check the checkbox "Yes, please also install interactive features."

      Note that this feature requires Biztera to access your team members' profile information.

    • Click Continue and you will be redirected to Slack.
  4. Select Slack Team and Channel, and Authorize.
    • Select which Slack team and channel you want the notifications to go to.

    • Click Authorize and you will be redirected back to Biztera.
  5. Invite Biztera to a Private Channel.

    This step is only necessary if the Slack channel from the previous step is private.

    • Open Slack.
    • In the private channel you want to receive messages, type “@Biztera” in a message and send it.
    • You will be given the option to invite the Biztera app to the channel; click “Invite to Channel”.
  6. You're Done!